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Water Play

Brand: larrykrouse
Swim with the sharks this summer with this awesome Inflatable Shark. Built of sturdy polyester fibre mesh and heavy-gauge PVC vinyl that is resistant to UV, tear and wear, the shark is durable and has two leak-proof air chambers. A large outer ring is connected to the shark to ensure balance and saf..
Brand: larrykrouse
This 4.88m long double water slide is suitable for children aged between 3 and 12 and comes with everything you need to turn your backyard into a fun water park. The inflated speed ramp lets your children blast off at lightning speed, while water jets lining the slide keep the surface slick and smoo..
Brand: larrykrouse
With its heavy-duty PVC and triple ply side walls, this 3M x0.8M inflatable pool offers ample space and water pleasure (5,377 litres of water volume) for a family of five to cool off in the summer heat. Setting up the pool is simple, just select a spot in your garden, inflate the top ring with the s..
Brand: larrykrouse
This ocean themed outdoor pool and play center features a fun slide, an inflatable ball ramp and an inflatable ring toss game. The pool is made child safe with the sturdy pre-tested vinyl, safety valves, cushioned pool floor, tie ropes and grommets to ensure the slide stays in place. A fun water spr..
Brand: larrykrouse
Just Wow. This incredible water play jumping castle will keep your little ones entertained (with you keeping an eye on them) for hours on end. Slide, splash and a whole lot more. This water play center comprises a 1.8m slide, splash pool and play tunnel, basketball hoop and a mesh-protected bouncing..
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