Harvey Leake

A Journey into History


Harvey Leake has become a well known speaker and guide in the Four Corners area.  He has led many hikes of exploration for family members, authors, hikers and many others. He has spoken at dozens of events of great historical significance and is considered a historical expert in the Four Corners area.

Harvey LeakeHarvey Leake led a backpacking trip to Rainbow Natural Bridge and beyond, May 28th and 29th, 2010. Several family members met near the bridge for a short reunion and tour conducted by Harvey. Later, Harvey led a tour and overnight stay two miles beyond the bridge. The photo is of Harvey pouring water into a Dinosaur track near Rainbow Bridge.  The track is from Dilophosaurus Wetherilli an early Jurassic period dinosaur. 

Event Photos

  • Cowboy Archaeology: The Wetherill Family and the Birth of Southwest Archaeology. A video of Wetherill family history featuring Harvey Leake, Marietta Eaton and Fred Blackburn.  
  • Harvey Leake led an 18 mile round trip hike to Keet Seel in the Navajo National Monument. This photo tour is an excellent way to plan a trip to Keet Seel.



Harvey leake

In December, 2010 Harvey was interviewed by Sandy Moss of KQNA radio in Prescott, Arizona. They discussed the Wetherill family's involvement with Native Americans and the books Wolfkiller and Kayenta and Monument Valley.