Harvey Leake

A Journey into History

Harvey Leake

Harvey Leake began researching the history of the Four Corners Country more than twenty five years ago, focusing on theHarvey Leake explorations and activities the Wetherill family from whom he is descended. His investigations have taken him into many of the Colorado plateau's remote canyons as well as into archives, libraries, and family historical collections. He assists in the interpretation of historical documents and photographs for the Wetherill archive at the Anasazi Heritage Center in Dolores, Colorado and is a retired Electrical Engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering from Arizona State University and a Master of Arts degree in theology from Fuller Theological Seminary.

Harvey Leake's Most Recent Publications 

THE GENTLEMAN EXPLORER: Charles Bernheimer and his Canyon Country Expeditions

John Wetherill of Kayenta and His Quest for Protection of the Rugged Utah/Arizona Borderland Country

Slim Woman of Kayenta

The Fork in the Trail: Progress or the Path of Light

The Roots of Social Discord

Elders and Old-Timers: The Remarkable People of Kayenta’s Past

The Strenuous Life

The Myth of Progress

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Harvey Leake is a well known speaker and guide in the Four Corners area.  He has led many hikes of exploration for family members, authors, hikers and many others. He has spoken at dozens of events and is considered a historical expert in the Four Corners area. His knowledge spans two centuries of history beginning in 1788 with the birth of his great great  great grandfather Richard Wetherill and the birth of his great grandfather John Wetherill in 1866.